You may think digital transformation doesn’t apply to your industry. Think again. According to McKinsey, 70 percent of businesses will attempt a digital transformation, yet only 30 percent will succeed. Why do so many otherwise successful companies fail to adapt to the tech-driven world? Chief among many factors is the digital skills gap impacting 54 […]

Realize entrepreneurship is a marathon. The Nasdaq crashed one year after we started Bluemercury. For a year and a half, there was no way to raise venture capital and we had to figure out how to build our business with revenue and cash flow. Now the company has been through two recessions. Many entrepreneurs focus […]

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? What’s holding you back? If the answer is not having enough money to get started, then here’s some excellent news: You can start countless businesses with less than $100. People do many odd jobs to pay the bills, and no matter what your skills are, there are […]

In a world where technology is changing rapidly, it can be hard for businesses to keep up with shifting consumer demands. Take how customers interact with businesses, for instance. According to a recent study by Drift, people now prefer real-time interaction as they make their purchases, meaning that just having an online storefront is no longer enough. […]